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What should I do if I see rust on my garage door?

Rust is bad for metal since rust basically eats it up. Over time, metal deteriorates if it has too much rust on it. Once you see rust on your garage door, our experts advise that you should immediately remove it and apply antirust to avoid further spreading. Protection from rust is a must.

Are garage door remotes universal?

Garage door remotes are commonly calibrated to match your garage door. Though it is possible to have the same signals for opening different garage doors, the chances are slim. Just make sure that your garage doors and main doors are locked when you are away to ensure safety of your garage and of your home.

My old garage door tracks still look durable, can I use it instead of getting a new one?

Obviously, if you are paying for a full garage door replacement package, this is not a viable idea. However, some companies may entertain the option. Our garage door experts believe that there’s nothing wrong with recycling garage door tracks since they inherently last longer than other garage door parts.

How should the torsion garage door springs be maintained?

Torsion springs, according to our garage door experts, can be kept in good working condition through lubrication maintenance. The springs do not actually need the oil for lubrication but as protection from rust inducing substances like water or moisture. To properly apply the lubricant, the springs should be cleaned first. The lubricating substance should adequately cover the springs.

When is it best to have a steel garage door?

Steel doors are mighty, widely available and will require relatively very little maintenance over time. If you want a door that won't decay quickly and will need next to no attention for years to come, steel is one of the best options.

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