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Major Opener Types and Brands

Major Opener Types and Brands
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Belt and Screw Drive Openers

Major Opener Types and BrandsFor a long time, the chain drive units were the only option available to those who wanted to automate their residential garage door. Now you can pick from two more innovative opener options. The belt drive units have pretty much the same design as their counterparts. The only difference is that the metal chain is replaced by a belt made from steel-reinforced rubber, polyurethane or fiberglass. The result is much quieter operation. The belt drive units are actually the quietest available. Additionally, the belt doesn’t require lubrication maintenance. The screw drive units, on the other hand, have a rotating rod running the trolley rather than a chain or belt which runs back and forth. This results in higher opening speed. Since the system uses fewer components, it is at lower risk of failure. At the same time, large temperature fluctuations may affect the opener’s performance adversely.

LiftMaster and Genie

 In addition to offering a variety of chain, screw and belt drive openers, LiftMaster has introduced a variety of new technologies lately. The list includes Wi-Fi enabled electric operators which can be run remotely via a smartphone app. It has some of the most sophisticated wall-mounted control panels with motion detection sensors for turning the lights on automatically and a function for blocking remote control signals to the opener. The Genie Intellicode technology is perhaps the most famous rolling code technology increasing garage security. The brand’s chain, belt and screw drive units are equipped with monitoring and diagnostic technology which stops them from running when there is a problem with the door’s hardware.

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