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History of Garage Doors

History of Garage Doors
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“Necessity is the mother of all inventions” is the famous cliché, which many people also find reasonable. Just like other technological advancements, garage doors have a history, and it was born out of necessity.

History of Garage DoorsAs cars were brought into the society, people began looking for ways on how to store them. The result was the creation of an outbuilding by an architect in the year 1912. During the early years, outbuildings were used as carriage houses, a home for the horse and buggy. They became a place for car storage since people thought they were housing anything that has to do with transportation anyway.

As the years pass by, some high-class families could not take the stink that came with their fancy new cars whenever they try to open the outbuilding. So, the first garages that resemble modern-day parking lots were built. People also figured out that if they could put two or more horses in a barn, perhaps they could do the same with their cars in a storage area.

They built large garages for private and public uses. Some cars were stored along with about 100 cars more in a well-cleaned and maintained garage.

Folding Overhead Door

The first folding overhead garage door was invented by C.G. Johnson in the year 1921. It can be lifted upwards and folds parallel to the ceiling. Five years later, he invented automated garage door openers as a follow up. The invention was to help those who had difficulty in lifting the heavy door.

Today, garage doors come in different styles and materials. There are those that are made of wood, steel, fiberglass, and wooden composites. Little do people know is that the first garage door was an outbuilding that was used to store horses. Indeed, if necessity knocks, brilliant creations are made.

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